Photo Gallery

Ciclovia Salinas 2015

Sunday, October 25th saw a great turnout for the third annual Ciclovia Salinas, where a long section of Alisal Street was closed to motor traffic for four hours, allowing hundreds of citizens to enjoy a car-free day.

Budget meeting 2.25.15BHC Ciclovia 2014-10-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-12-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-9-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-4-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-5-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-6-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-7-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-3-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-8-LBHC Ciclovia 2014-13-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-2-L BHC Ciclovia 2014-1-XL

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